It takes practice…

lucid dreams

Lucid Dream 11.7.2007

Recently, I’ve been thinking about idea of conscious dreaming. By this I mean, realizing that I’m dreaming, while still in the dream, allowing me to then control the dream.

Great in concept, right? Well, a couple of nights ago, I’m in a room, opening a window and, all of the sudden, it happened! I realized I was dreaming and I was still in the dream! Holy crap! Holy crap! HOLY CRAP! What do I do now?

So first thing that pops into my head is; make a door in the wall, open it, and walk through. Perfect! So I think DOOR, take a step forward, reach out for the soon to be created doorknob, and BAM, run right into the wall.

The next thing I hear is “It takes practice here too…” and I woke up smiling.


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