Do Nothing…

Do nothing? I’m all over that 👍

Actually, the true meaning of this Taoist philosophy, is to be at peace with yourself and live in the now.

The stresses of daily life; our obligations, our expectations, our attachments, lead us to imbalance and poor health.

In applying this philosophy, you don’t actually ‘do nothing’, but the things that you do, you do with mindful patience.

When you release expectations and attachments to outcomes, things will get done, naturally, as they should.

Think about it this way: when the seed is planted, it doesn’t fight being planted, it does nothing; it’s a seed and it does not fight that.

The seed doesn’t worry about where it was planted, what it should become, if the wind will come and blow it away, or if the sun will shine upon it; it just does what seeds do.  In this way, the seed ‘does nothing’, yet everything gets done.

Nature is funny like that. When left untouched, things fall into balance and harmony naturally; ‘without doing’. We can learn a lot from nature.

Happy Wednesday and Namasté


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