Day 8 – PM – Shift Happens…

Links fixed 😜

Unity Stone

Day 8 -The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

After only the first week, there is already a noticeable shift in my awareness.

I’m observing thoughts as they come and go; allowing me to be in the present.

I’m feeling my body react to what my ‘automatic’ thinking brain is doing; allowing me to STOP and breathe and let go and SMILE 😊

So of course…I’m smiling most of the time; that’s some amazing SHIfT!

After one week, this challenge has been seen by over a thousand people around the world. The stories I’ve heard from YOU and all the feedback has been phenomenal! I am truly humbled and grateful. Thank You ALL 💜

If this challenge, or my words of encouragement, have touched your life and those around you, please help ME spread the word! It’s never the WRONG time to start this challenge.

I want to SHARE this…

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