The Peep-Hole Principle

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Unity Stone

eye of horus

You are God

What the hell does that mean? Well, let me explain.

Everything that IS, all that EXISTS, ALL came from a single point of light. You can compare this to a zygote. A zygote is a single cell, capable of dividing asexually, and creating identical offspring.

This single point of light did just that – it divided into two identical points of light.

Being that the original point of light contained all things – ‘all that is’; when it split into two, both contained ‘all that is’ – after all, they ARE identical.

The light continued to divide and multiply exponentially; each new point of light containing ‘all that is’.

The light rejoiced and played and danced.

Within the light of ‘all that is’, lies the potentiality for all things. From the growing light, gasses formed and became dense, creating the ENTIRE Cosmos – all made of these…

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