Kindness is Contagious

Kindness is also the KEY to our personal freedom and contentment. Genuine Kindness is a true expression of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

However, Kindness is only one side of a coin. The other? Unkindness. Luckily, one side of a coin cannot exist without the other. They are ONE.

We live in the ‘in between’.

For example we perceive things as rights and wrongs; trusts and deceits; highs and the lows; loves and fears; goods and bads; truths and lies; elations and anxieties. Each of these feelings NEEDS the other to exist. They go together; they are ONE.

We are conditioned to see them as separate, unrelated things; we then ATTACH the ‘Correct Conditioned Emotion’, to each feeling, based on our own unique perception. We then ‘act’ upon that emotion, based on our ‘Automatic Conditioned Response’.

Take Elation and Anxiety; at each of their extremes, they can leave you rolling on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, and oblivious to everything else. The ONLY difference; the emotion we ATTACH to the feeling.

When we DETACH and ALLOW; we are released from our shackles; We are FREE.

So I choose Kindness and Love. ALWAYS!

I share it freely, FIRST, and MOST importantly, with MYSELF; and then to all other living things, WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

So, what about YOU? What will YOU choose?

Choose wisely.



Namasté Matthew ☯️


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