The tree

As I wandered, distractedly, down a deserted sidewalk today, I came upon the most magnificent tree. You could see that when it was very young, it had been planted in a beautiful planter box surrounded by sidewalks. Plenty of room for this new resident to begin life.

Now, many, many, many years later, the happy young tree, surrounded by sidewalks, had outgrown it’s home.

The sidewalks now formed a solid barrier; the tree had expanded and filled every millimeter of its available space…and more.

The tree was currently in the process of climbing over the edges of its concrete prison walls! ‘Escape at last’ I thought.

I asked the tree, ‘Why do you try and escape? Is there not enough soil and water to nourish you? Are you not content here? Where will you go?’.

There was a long silence and the tree spoke; ‘Go? No, no, no, you have it all wrong’ laughed the tree. That’s not why I’m climbing out; to run away. It’s all about the adventure; the journey!’

The tree continued, ‘there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with time, patience, and persistence; and I am blessed with all three. So how far can I go? I don’t know; let’s find out. Game on!’.

I laughed, then smiled and thanked the wise old tree.

As I began to walk away, I looked back once more; the tree giggled and said ‘After you, I insist.’


Namasté Matthew ☯️


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