The Peep-Hole Principle

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You are God

What the hell does that mean? Well, let me explain.

Everything that IS, all that EXISTS, ALL came from a single point of light. You can compare this to a zygote. A zygote is a single cell, capable of dividing asexually, and creating identical offspring.

This single point of light did just that – it divided into two identical points of light.

Being that the original point of light contained all things – ‘all that is’; when it split into two, both contained ‘all that is’ – after all, they ARE identical.

The light continued to divide and multiply exponentially; each new point of light containing ‘all that is’.

The light rejoiced and played and danced.

Within the light of ‘all that is’, lies the potentiality for all things. From the growing light, gasses formed and became dense, creating the ENTIRE Cosmos – all made of these points of light, which ARE the ENTIRETY of ‘all that is’.

As the gasses become denser, they birth stars. The stars are alive; they live and they die. But in their death/renewal, they give birth to brand new THINGS. Planets are formed and begin to orbit their stars – just like protons orbit their nuclei.

The light choreographs the dance of the planets around their suns; the dew on the morning grass; the orbit of every electron around every nucleus in every atom – all in perfect balance and harmony, creating the ebb and flow of the Cosmos.

The light plays and dances. When the light dims it then renews itself in form and function – CONTINUOUSLY. This cycle is eternal, just as the light of ‘all that is’ is eternal.

Although the light is all-knowing, all awareness, ‘all that is’; exactly what has its playing and dancing created? Well…EVERYTHING…and NOTHING, really.

The light just IS.

As the light plays, dances, and creates, it drives the eternal cycles of birth, growth, decay, death, and re-birth – each time, more complex systems are born.

As planets cool and orbits stabilize, balance and harmony emerge.

Perfect balance and harmony spread throughout the entire Cosmos. Through this balance and harmony, more complex and diverse combinations of elements are possible.

The light rejoiced and continued to play and dance and create.

Throughout the Cosmos, new forms of life began to emerge.

The light rejoiced at this and continued playing. The more it played, the more complex it’s creations.

The light, being ‘all that is’, made each and every THING in the Cosmos after its OWN image and of ITSELF. The more it GAVE the more it BECAME.

The light rejoiced and continued playing. The more it played, the more it created; cycle upon cycle.

The light rejoiced.

As the light played and danced and created, a strange thing happened. A NEW light began to emerge WITHIN the light of ‘all that is’. What was this NEW light? This new light was CONSCIOUSNESS.

The light of ‘all that is’ became SELF aware. The light could see ITSELF!


Throughout the Cosmos, tiny peep-holes were opening. The light could look upon itself and see pieces of its WHOLE.

All CREATIONS of the light of ‘all that is’, throughout the entire Cosmos, are alive; because the light of ‘all that is’ is alive.

All things CAME from the single point of light of ‘all that is’. ALL IS ONE AND ONE IS ALL. There can be NO other way.

How the Peep-Hole Principle Applies to Humanity


As humans, we are born of the light. As zygotes we begin to split and divide and BECOME – just like the original point of light.

We are born and another peep-hole opens. From here the light can see itself as it truly is; joyful, playful – unconditional love; in perfect balance and harmony within and without.

As children, we are taught THINGS. Each THING represents a lens or filter, which is placed on our peep-hole.

As we mature, learn, and change, the lenses and filters are constantly added to, adjusted, or removed. In our every thought, every experience, every moment – constant change. These changes represent OUR own unique view of ourselves and everything we know. We ebb and flow with the COSMOS because of these perspective changes.

Our perspectives and beliefs are formed by our experiences. Our experiences are rationalized and understood through OUR Peep-hole lenses and filters. These lenses and filters are passed to us from our parents, teachers, religions, countries, governments, etc.

WE must decide which lenses and filters WE adopt and install on OUR peep-hole. What we then see is our perspective. This ‘perspective’ becomes our beliefs. Our beliefs become our reality.

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Far too often, as children, lenses and filters are installed without our conscious knowledge. As adults, we must take the time to REALLY examine them, question them; test their TRUTH. If we don’t, we are oblivious to their influence over US.

The light rejoices.

Now, the light of ‘all that is’, can see itself through an infinite number of peep-holes, each with its own unique view.

The light plays, dances, and creates.

The Illusion of Time


Up to this point, the events described are in a rather linear timeline, if you will. The TRUTH is that at the moment the original point light of ‘all that is’ split, everything BECAME. Everything WAS – in that single moment.

That moment, called the NOW, is truly all that exists. There is no past, no future, nothing but the NOW. The NOW was born of a single point of perfect, joyful, playful, unconditional love; the light of ‘all that is’.

The NOW is like the newborn baby, untarnished, loving, and pure…PERFECT.

When we are born, the possibilities of OUR each and every NOW are limitless and unbounded. Our peep-holes are without filter or lenses. Then as we grow, our experiences birth our beliefs and we start installing our lenses and filters.

It is our EXPERIENCES that we view as the past. Experience is but a teacher; of pleasure and pain, of joy and sorrow, of good and bad, of right and wrong. We also learn guilt, shame, fear, and self-worth. Depending on your lenses and filters, YOUR past can be a blessing or a curse.

Our desires, hopes, and dreams form our VISION of the future. Our EXPERIENCES again birth expectations of what OUR future will be if we do this…or if we do that…

Both the past and future are ILLUSIONS. It is our lenses and filters that convince us they are real.

There is only the NOW.

From OUR perspective, time must exist. We need it to help understand, rationalize, and hold on to what we see through our peep-hole.

Our senses allow us to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the world around us. Our perspectives and beliefs tell us what we find.

The more lenses and filters we have installed, the more we suffer. The more we block the ONENESS OF THE LIGHT of ‘all that is’, the more we live from a place of fear.

Examine your filters and lenses. Do this by re-examining what you believe and what you KNOW.

Rip apart your beliefs, turn them inside out, stretch them, twist them, burn them, and cut them into tiny pieces. Do this often. Throw away the pieces that fail the test of TRUTH – rebuild from what’s left. Only YOU can do this…it’s YOUR peep-hole.

As lenses and filters are examined in this way, you’ll find that many of them no longer serve your highest good. The more you discard, the more you see the TRUE light of ‘all that is’. In this way you can more fully live…in the NOW.

What Does All of This Really Mean?


It means, my dear brothers and sisters, that WE have free access to the NOW…always. What you do with it is up to you…

You can start by examining your lenses and filters. Question them, test them, adjust or remove them. You, ONLY YOU, can discover what is TRUTH, and what is FEAR-based.

Adjust the view from your peep-hole and your beliefs and perspective change – and that changes EVERYTHING.

Keep the truth and discard the fear. Send the fear back to the light of ‘all that is’ with unconditional love.

And the LIGHT Rejoiced!

As the light saw itself through each peep-hole, it rejoiced at itself.

It matters not to the light of ‘all that is’, what it sees. Each peep-hole, no matter the view, is perfect. It is a unique and different look at itself. The light of ‘all that is’ doesn’t judge, compare, or favor one view over another…the light just IS.

WE, the peep-hole keepers, or PEOPLE, for short, reflect back the image of the light of ‘all that is’ onto OURSELVES.


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2 thoughts on “The Peep-Hole Principle

  1. You explain this really well. What I think is particularly interesting about time is that although we say there is a past and a future, somehow we are always living in the present. Therefore it isn’t that hard to imagine that time could be a single moment instead of a time “line” because the past only exists in our mind, and our memory of it.

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