Amazing Lucid Dream 2.16.2015

lucid dreams

2.16.2015 – 11:11am

Happy 46th Birthday to ME!

I just received the GREATEST present in my entire universe…

I had a full-fledged, real, amazing, incredible, LUCID DREAM!!!

It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced…PERIOD.

I was having a dream and all at once, I just REALIZED I was dreaming…WTF?!? I was just standing around with several other people and BAM, I realized, I am dreaming. I don’t know who they were, but at that point, it really didn’t matter.

I looked around for a few seconds; nobody else seemed to be paying attention to me. I got the biggest smile on my face and just flew away. I was FREE.

At first I was flying over green pastures, but as my thoughts changed to the ocean, the mountains, a beautiful lake, snow covered cliffs…I was there in an instant. The detail was amazing. I could feel the wind on my face, smell the smells, feel the emotions each brought about in me. It was pure heaven.

Soon, I found myself flying over maps. I couldn’t identify specific places, locations, or what they represented, but was fascinated by the detail. I noticed that I had a huge smile on my face. It was pure bliss.

As I continued, I realized that I could look at a spot on the map, choose to stop for a visit, and I would just spiral down into that spot on the map.

Many of the places I visited I do not remember. I would just stop, walk around for a bit and then fly away again.

At my last stop I was in an old house. It was dirty and crowded with people, mostly children wandering around. They seemed lost and disoriented. I talked to some and continued looking around.

I noticed a place on the wall that looked like a tall skinny door. There was no door knob or other means of entry. I was able to open it and it was piled high, almost full, of dirty, dusty, cobweb covered things. I noticed some books and old toys.

Just then a boy came to me and said “that’s Twyla’s”. I asked him, who is Twyla? He took me to a bed and pointed to it and said “that’s Twyla”.

The bed was made of metal; it reminded me of an old hospital style bed. There was a light blue sheet covering the entire bed. I could only see the legs that had wheels on the bottom of them.

I then looked around and noticed the room was filled with tens, maybe hundreds of these beds; all the same; all covered with a light blue sheet.

As I stood at “Twyla’s” bed I wondered what might be under the sheet. I was all at once afraid…curious…and then ready…

As I stood there, the sheet slowly started to be pulled away and what was under the sheet was Twyla; a young black girl. She looked at me and said “I’m Twyla and that’s my stuff”.

I apologized to her for disturbing her things. She turned away.

Only then did I notice how emaciated and frail she was. Her skin was greyish. Her expression was one of sheer despair and hopelessness, her eyes huge.

I looked around again at the many, many beds covered with light blue sheets, just like hers.

When I looked back at Twyla, I could FEEL her pain and fear.

I then told her I COULD help. I reached out my hands to her. She was visibly afraid and moved away from me.

I slowly put one hand on her head and the other on her heart. She immediately relaxed and became very calm.

She closed her eyes for a moment and then her color changed. She looked shinier, healthier, and began to glow with pure white vital energy. A moment later she opened her eyes and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen…

At that moment I woke up and began sobbing uncontrollable. I just couldn’t stop.

Between the sobs I kept saying aloud “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you”.

At first it was gratitude to the universe for the experience, but then it was to myself, myself AS the universe…


With tears still flowing down my face, I looked at the clock…it was 11:11am.

Happy Birthday to ME!




4 thoughts on “Amazing Lucid Dream 2.16.2015

  1. Interesting lucid experience. Im looking into lucid dreaming and trying to learn more. Personally I used to lucid dream uncontrollably; it gets obnoxious, really. Interesting that it happened to you later on in life, Im about to be 22. Reach out to me if you wanna talk, id like to chat about dreams/the universe!

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