No matter…

NO MATTER who you are;
NO MATTER where you are;
NO MATTER what you’ve done;
NO MATTER what you think of yourself;
NO MATTER how you feel right now;

You are ALWAYS at the CENTER of the circle.

There is no-thing special to be done, no-thing enlightened to realize, no-thing secret to learn, and no test to pass. You are already there, in the CENTER, and you have always been.

Don’t think so? If untrue; Who then judges your worthiness? Who is your captor, your jailer, your punisher, the demon that prevents your entry? And from where does it arise?

ALL ‘THINGS/THOUGHTS’ exist in the CENTER as well; floating like clouds, they offer the illusion of the infinite; yet are only ungraspable, un-THING’d, patterns and shapes.

Take a deep breath and feel content REALIZING/KNOWING that the CENTER belongs to YOU, is YOU, and manifests as YOU.

Marvel at the perfect and ever changing shapes and patterns as the clouds drift by ~ personally have never seen an ugly cloud.

The sky allows ALL clouds and makes no effort to grasp or hold on to them; they come and go freely.

Take time daily to close your eyes and just ‘watch’ as the clouds in YOUR mind arise and then feel them freely drift away.

Namasté ✌🏻


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