No matter…

NO MATTER who you are;
NO MATTER where you are;
NO MATTER what you’ve done;
NO MATTER what you think of yourself;
NO MATTER how you feel right now;

You are ALWAYS at the CENTER of the circle.

There is no-thing special to be done, no-thing enlightened to realize, no-thing secret to learn, and no test to pass. You are already there, in the CENTER, and you have always been.

Don’t think so? If untrue; Who then judges your worthiness? Who is your captor, your jailer, your punisher, the demon that prevents your entry? And from where does it arise?

ALL ‘THINGS/THOUGHTS’ exist in the CENTER as well; floating like clouds, they offer the illusion of the infinite; yet are only ungraspable, un-THING’d, patterns and shapes.

Take a deep breath and feel content REALIZING/KNOWING that the CENTER belongs to YOU, is YOU, and manifests as YOU.

Marvel at the perfect and ever changing shapes and patterns as the clouds drift by ~ personally have never seen an ugly cloud.

The sky allows ALL clouds and makes no effort to grasp or hold on to them; they come and go freely.

Take time daily to close your eyes and just ‘watch’ as the clouds in YOUR mind arise and then feel them freely drift away.

Namasté ✌🏻

We are 1

We grow out of the earth, just as branches out of a tree. Some short, some long, no matter; each branch supports the other to create a tree. And so it is.
Isn’t it the same for each of us? How can we feel separate, disconnected, or alone when we are the glorious and unique branches of the earth; some short, some long…NO MATTER. And so it is.


Namasté Matthew ☯️