Gratitude Sunday ✨


The world can be a scary place, but there’s no reason for it to be. The best way to manage your anxiety is by focusing on the good things that are happening in your life and being grateful for them.

Just say “thank you” all the time. You say it to your family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. And why shouldn’t you?

Saying “thank you” to someone can be a great way to make them feel appreciated or acknowledged.

Saying “thank you” to everything shows gratitude for its usefulness or helpfulness in making life easier or more enjoyable.

Saying “thank you” to life means saying thanks for everything in it—the good things and the bad things—because without either there would be nothing at all!

But did you know that there are even more ways to express your gratitude?

Here are just a few:

◦ Always count your blessings.

You know how much you have to be grateful for, and you make a point of reminding yourself regularly that you are blessed. Whether it be because of your family, health or friends, you are grateful for what you have been given in life.

It’s helpful to keep on top of gratitude with daily rituals so that each day can be as positive as possible. There will always be things in life which aren’t quite perfect but there’s no point getting down about them because they can all change overnight!

◦ Find the good in things and people.

Begin to notice and focus on the good in things, people, situations. When you look at the bright side of things, it easier to be optimistic about life. This is not only a positive trait, but also a useful skill that can help you see things in an objective way. When you know what is going on around you, whether it’s at home or at work, then there’s no need to be stressed out about anything!

You never focus on what you lack; instead, you choose to be happy with what you have.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t worry about what might happen in the future.

Don’t worry about what you did or didn’t do in the past.

Forgive, forget, move on!

This applies FIRST to YOURSELF. When you can do that, the rest will most likely just fade away.

◦ Be optimistic about all aspects of life.

◦ Don’t be afraid to try new things.

◦ Don’t be afraid to fail.

◦ Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

◦ Don’t be afraid to be different.

◦ Don’t be afraid to take risks, even if you think it’s a “crazy” risk that won’t work out the way you want, or if there is a chance of failure or embarrassment involved in taking action (even if it might seem like a small chance).

◦ Ask for help when needed and accept it graciously when offered, even from someone who may seem untrustworthy or unreliable at first glance (i.e., an unexpected source).

◦ Be grateful for everything—even the little things.

It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day life, but take time daily to stop and remember what you are grateful for.

Being grateful makes you happier, healthier, and more productive at work, so why wouldn’t you want to do this every day?

Be kind to people for no apparent reason. It feels good to be kind to others. It makes their day, and this could change someone’s life. You’ll feel better about yourself when you’re kind to others. Even in the worst situations, look at things with the positive vibe of kindness.

And finally, just be still. Sit in silence and see ALL these things as good things because they make life interesting and exciting! Because without challenges we wouldn’t grow as people…BORING!

Final Thoughts

Remembering to be grateful is not only good for your mental health, it can also help you live a more fulfilling life. When you focus on what you have rather than what you lack, it can make all the difference in how happy and contented you feel on a daily basis. If you want to take this even further, try practicing gratitude meditation—it’s one of the best ways to get in touch with those feelings!


Namasté Matthew


Cold Full Moon Gratitude 🌕

Hey, fun synchronicity I wanted to share this evening. All day today I was bombarded with signs and symbols of Aquarius ♒️ (my birth sign); I even had my exact birthdate show up on a couple of random receipts.

Later this evening, while at my favorite store, Goodwill, I found a very cool Aquarius coffee mug and immediately claimed dibsies. Got to the register and the price was $2.16 ✨; my birthday is February 16th.

Thank you more please ✌🏻


Namasté Matthew ☯️