Day 10 – (PM) – I’m WHAT?

 The Egg – by Andy Wier (YouTube Video – 7:22 minutes)

Day 10 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

“The Egg” is a great video, it’s worth the seven and a half minutes – GUARANTEED!

It’s a beautifully simple possibility…


My day was fabulous! When my nephew and I had our adventure on Bateman Island last week, we noticed how much litter had been left behind. He and I decided to return, armed with garbage bags and tidy up a bit 😜

Well today, along with three additional family members (we recruited 😜),  my nephew and I returned to the island.


It was a beautiful day and we had a Great time AND we carried out 7 bags of trash.

It wasn’t even work; because we were doing something together; it was FUN!

What did YOU do today that was FUN?




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