Day 25 – (AM) – Everything is temporary…

Day 25 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Let go and just BE





Day 24 – (PM) – Purpose…

Day 23 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Go Out and make Miracles!




Day 24 – (AM) – Courage…

Day 24 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Be Courageous…it’s time to wake up and become more. Only YOU can change YOU!

And YOU are Enough…




Day 23 – (PM) – Inner Peace…

Day 23 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Live YOUR Peace 😎




Day 23 – (AM) – Love in Fall…

Day 23 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

“Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night’s decay
Ushers in a drearier day.”

~ Emily Brontë

Happy Fall and a Grand Autumnal Equinox to you ALL 🍃🍂🍁




Day 22 – (PM) – Ripples…

Day 22 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

FILL your ripples with Kindness, Gratitude, and Love, and you’ll FEEL the Echo of those ripples as they return to YOU.

Sweet Dreams my Friends…




Day 22 – (AM) – Have Fun and Feel Good…

Day 22 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge


Happy Tuesday!




Day 21 – (PM) – Focus…

Day 21 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

What YOU think is what YOU get…




Day 20 – (PM) – Judgements…

Day 20 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Good evening all ✌️

Tonight, being September 20th and two thirds of the way through the challenge; I decided to do something a little different.

I made a video that I would like to share with all of you. It’s about one of the most important lessons I have ever learned 😊

The Pizza Lady Story (YouTube Video)

Thank you ALL for going on this journey with me.

Goodnight and sweet dreams 😴😴😴




YOU Must Do…

‘OUR fears are guide posts leading US to lessons yet learned’ ~ Unity Stone









Day 20 – (AM) – Serenity…

Day 20 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Happy Sunday Funday!




Day 19 – (PM) – Unconditional Love…

Day 19 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

I spent the day with my Mom. We had a Great time! I Love You Mom 💜

Now it’s time for game night with friends.

I am blessed and grateful beyond words. 

How was YOUR day?




Day 19 – (AM) – I am ME…

Day 19 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Happy Saturday 🌞




Day 18 (PM) – Let Go…

Day 18 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

The harder YOU try; the more YOU work against the free flowing nature of the Universe.

Letting go doesn’t mean, letting go of the steering wheel while you’re driving down the freeway 😜

But rather, letting go of attachments and expectations – to outcomes; knowing that things will unfold naturally.

Worry and stress won’t change the outcome; they will only leave you depleted, unhappy, and unhealthy.

So this weekend, try something different and new. Make it spontaneous; unplanned; a real adventure! Be in the moment and enjoy the ride 💜

Have a great weekend my friends.




Day 18 – (AM) – TGIF 😎


Day 18 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Have a Super Duper Friday 🌻




Day 17 – (PM) – What YOU Think is What YOU Get…

Day 17 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Thoughts, words, and actions; when in Balance and Harmony; produce MIRACLES!

I hope YOUR day was MIRACULOUS 💜




Every MOMENT Counts…

Smile like you’ve never cried, fight like you’ve never lost, love like you’ve never been hurt, and live like there’s no tomorrow.” ~ unknown




Day 17 – (AM) – It Starts with YOU…


Day 17 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

How is your relationship with YOU?




Day 16 – (PM) – It’s Necessary…

Day 16 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

YOU are worth it…TRUTH!




Day 16 – (AM) – Happy Hump Day 🌞


Day 16 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Words of wisdom…




Day 15 – (PM) – Choose Well…

Day 15 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Each moment presents many choices.

When you are able to SEE what’s REALLY before you; YOUR choices will support and nourish YOU!

Be present; be mindful; make GOOD choices!

How was YOUR day?




Day 15 – (AM) – You Better Believe it…

Day 15 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Have a Courageous Day!




Day 14 – (PM) – CREATE time…


Day 14 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

It was cool and cloudy here in south central Washington today. A very nice break from the heat 💜 and great day to be lazy and watch movies in bed. At 6pm I went to a psychic development group meeting; Amazing! What a magical day!

WE are now TWO weeks into the The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge.

I’m digging the changes I see in myself; but more so, the change in the way I view everyone and everything around me; I’m seeing with NEW eyes. Personal Growth Rocks!

I hope that TODAY, YOU made time for YOU (instructions above 😜) and maybe a little Magic!




Day 14 – (AM) – This Sh*t is for the Birds…


Day 14 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Have a super fantastic Monday!



Day 13 – (PM) – Sunday Funday 🌞

Day 13 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge


I had a great day today! I spent time with people I love and care about. I AM truly blessed and grateful 💜

Thank you ALL for the support and feedback so far. I want to hear more of YOUR stories…share them and YOU empower not only yourself, but everyone involved in the challenge. So come on; How was YOUR day?

Peace Out ✌️



Day 12 – (PM) – Forget Everything and LIVE…


Day 12  – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Be Brave…Be Courageous…JUST BE…

Goodnight and Happy Dreams!



Day 11 – (AM) – It’s YOUR Choice…

Day 11 –

Make YOU happy today! 💜



  Day 10 – (PM) – I’m WHAT?

 The Egg – by Andy Wier (YouTube Video – 7:22 minutes)

Day 10 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

“The Egg” is a great video, it’s worth the seven and a half minutes – GUARANTEED!

It’s a beautifully simple possibility…


My day was fabulous! When my nephew and I had our adventure on Bateman Island last week, we noticed how much litter had been left behind. He and I decided to return, armed with garbage bags and tidy up a bit 😜

Well today, along with three additional family members (we recruited 😜),  my nephew and I returned to the island.


It was a beautiful day and we had a Great time AND we carried out 7 bags of trash.

It wasn’t even work; because we were doing something together; it was FUN!

What did YOU do today that was FUN?



Day 10 – (AM) – One of my Favorite Songs 💜

Sunscreen – Baz Luhrmann (YouTube)


Day 10 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Day 8 – PM – Shift Happens…

Day 8 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

After only the first week, there is already a noticeable shift in my awareness.

I’m observing thoughts as they come and go; allowing me to be in the present.

I’m feeling my body react to what my ‘automatic’ thinking brain is doing; allowing me to STOP and breathe and let go and SMILE 😊

So of course…I’m smiling most of the time; that’s some amazing SHIfT!

After one week, this challenge has been seen by over a thousand people around the world. The stories I’ve heard from YOU and all the feedback has been phenomenal! I am truly humbled and grateful. Thank You ALL 💜

If this challenge, or my words of encouragement, have touched your life and those around you, please help ME spread the word! It’s never the WRONG time to start this challenge.

I want to SHARE this challenge with as many people as possible.

Please; Re-blog, Re-Tweet, Re-Share on FB; invite all your followers and friends to join: The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge; tell YOUR story and why YOU are taking this challenge.

As a community we must draw on each other, now more than ever, for love and support to make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE.

Follow me on Facebook ( and on WordPress ( for daily updates.

I’ve also created an event on Facebook – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge ( where you can join/accept the event.

Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll ✌💜🎶



Day 7 (PM) – We’re going on a Magical ADVENTURE…

pooh adventure

Day 7 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Today my nephew and I went on an Adventure!

“Where are we going?” he asked inquisitively…”somewhere magical” I replied.

We got together a few necessities; water, snacks, etc and we were off…

We drove to the river and parked. “We’re here” I said, as he anxiously looked around.

“The river?” he questioned, “I thought we were going on a magical adventure? What’s magical about the river?” he said a bit deflatedly. “I don’t know yet” I replied, “that’s why it’s an ADVENTURE!”.

We got out of the truck and walked toward the river. “The first thing we need” I said, “is a good walking stick!”. We soon both found acceptable walking sticks and the journey began.


As we walked toward the land bridge and across to Bateman Island, I asked my nephew if he had brought his magic wand. “No” he replied, rather surprised by my question. “What?” I exlaimed, “…well we better find one on our way then.”

We continued our journey and a few minutes later, he looked down and exclaimed “I found it! The PERFECT magic wand.” I smiled big and said “great job buddy”, and after a quick high-five, we continued walking; each with our walking sticks and he with our MAGIC wand.

Bateman Island is beautiful. As we walked we saw grasshoppers, dragonflies, ants, and birds. Grass, sand, rocks, plants, trees, and then we came upon some beautiful yellow wildflowers.


We both stopped to admire them and I said “What do you want to make?”. “Make?” he said curiously. “You know, with your magic wand…what do you want to make?”, I said with a grin. He looked at the small stick (magic wand) and then at me. “It’s just a stick Uncle Matt” he says, with a bit of attitude.

I laughed “How do you know? You haven’t even tried to use it yet”. I got an eye roll as he said “I don’t know what to make…”. “Make WHATEVER you want” I replied.

With that, he looked at me; and again at the stick. He smiled, waved this stick in the air and said “I’m going to make some purple flowers”, and with a quick “Abracadabra“, it was done. “And now the adventure begins…” I said as we started walking again; in search of his ‘creation’.


The weather was perfect and the view incredible. We both walked silently for some time. As we rounded a bend in the trail we came across some more flowers. “Not purple!” he states and continues walking. I stop and snap a couple of pics anyway 😜

IMG_3722 IMG_3718IMG_3725

After a long silence, he looks at me and says “It didn’t work…” and before he could finish his sentence, he looked down and saw HIS flowers.

“Uncle Matt, Uncle Matt…IT WORKED!!!…Look” as he pointed to his right.


Sure enough…purple flowers. He was ecstatic! We stood and admired them for a bit. He was elated that OUR magic wand had actually worked.

This time I didn’t have to ask what he was going to make, because he was using his magic wand non-stop 😊

“I’m making birds now – Abracadabra

“I’m making trees now – Abracadabra


“I’m making EVERYTHING now – Abracadabra”

My nephew was HOOKED and our adventure continued; as we rounded each bend, we talked about all of the beautiful things HE had MADE for us to see. “OH WOW, you did a great job on this!…how did you make that?” I said, as he showed ME all the cool stuff HE had made come out of that little stick.


We had a Most Excellent Magical Adventure!


I love that kid💜

I hope YOU had an excellent magical adventure of your own today!

The first 7 days of the challenge have been incredible for me. Some difficult, some scary, but most – FANTABULOUS! I am seeing the world and everything in it differently somehow. I AM CHANGING; and that’s personal growth.

With peace, love, and gratitude,



I Wish You Enough…

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how grey the day may appear.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.

I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

(Author unknown)

You Are More Successful Than YOU Realize 💜

You Are More Successful Than YOU Realize – (YouTube Video)

I’m an 11! How about YOU?

Day 5 – Do nothing…

Day 5 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Tao te Ching


The Tao does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone.


If rulers could centre themselves in it, the whole world would be transformed.

People would be content with their lives and free of desire.

When life is simple, pretenses fall away; our essential nature shines through.

 ~ Lao Tzu


Today I did nothing. What a fine day it was.

How was your Day 5?



Day 3 – The Insanity of it ALL…


Day 3 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

I went to visit a friend today. When I arrived, he was visibly upset and frustrated.

He explained that his toilet wasn’t working; that he had gone out and purchased new parts and replaced the entire ‘inside’ workings of the toilet; and it STILL WASNT WORKING! He was PISSED OFF! He walked away feeling defeated.

After a break, he calmed down enough and went back to TRY again. He said that when he returned, he noticed that the PROBLEM was NOT with the parts he had just spent two hours replacing, but rather the flush handle/arm and chain 😡 (that’s a different/separate part altogether for those not in the know 😊).

He immediately went from zero to PISSED OFF…again;

(how did I not see that before I replaced EVERYTHING else)

(how could I be so stupid)

(I’m a f**king idiot)

So off to the store, AGAIN, to get the RIGHT part THIS TIME!

He said he returned home and went right to work on the new task. It was a SIMPLE thing now. Just unscrew the plastic nut on the back side of the handle, pull the handle out, insert the new handle, place and tighten the plastic nut on the back side of the handle. SIMPLE! Right?!?

He thought to himself, “lefty loosey righty tighty”, as he began to remove the plastic nut. With that, using his pliers, he turned left (counter clockwise) on the nut. Nothing! It wouldn’t budge…WTF…as he REALLY put his weight into ‘loosening’ the F**KING NUT! After several more failed attempts and a substantial increase in his blood pressure, he was defeated again.

He walks away and opens the package with the new handle. If he inspected the new handle, he thought, he might be able to figure it out. As he looked at the new handle and compared it to the old one (still firmly attached to the toilet); they were identical! Finally some HOPE.

He decided to remove the plastic nut from the new handle, hoping for some insight into removing the old handle. “Lefty loosey righty tighty” he thought as he grasped the nut and twisted it with his hand…NOTHING…it wouldn’t budge! F**K, F**K, F**K!!!

It’s at THIS point that I arrive at my friends house.

After calmly listening to him RANT/VENT/TIRADE; he asked for my help. I smiled and said ‘OF COURSE 💜’.

First I asked him to take a few deep breaths; TOGETHER, WE could do this…

We went into the bathroom; he showed me the old handle (still firmly attached the toilet); and the new identical handle (plastic nut still firmly attached).

As I looked at the situation, from my OWN/NEW perspective, a memory immediately came to me, a time when I myself had been in the same situation.

At that moment; a thought; a voice…’I before E except after C’?!? Huh? What?…AHA!

Exceptions to the ‘RULE’! I smiled and was grateful for SEEING beyond the task at hand and allowing myself to listen and hear this message.

You see, the plastic nuts on toilet handles are an ‘exception’ to the ‘lefty loosey righty tighty’ RULE! I took the pliers, twisted right (clockwise), and Voila; plastic nut DEFEATED!

My friend stood there, dumbfounded. After a moment we both began laughing hysterically. Problem Solved! SIMPLE! He confessed he had never even considered turning the nut clockwise. THAT was against the RULE(s) 😁

And now to the point…finally 😊

There is always more than one way to look at situation, but when our ‘automatic thinking brain’ takes over, and we refuse to consider other options; rules and beliefs become our guide; we close ourselves off from hearing that little voice that says ‘I  before E except after C’.

When you get stuck, frustrated, or just plain PISSED OFF; STOP and BREATHE. Step away for a minute and just BREATHE: calm down; relax.

There is always more than one way to do something; look at something. When you’re able to calm down and look at the situation subjectively, for what it really is, you’re then able to hear the little voice that says ‘I before E except after C’; and that’s personal growth!

How was your Day 3?




The End of Day 2…

Day 2 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Today was a day of quiet reflection for me.

I realized how often I compare what I’m thinking and feeling in the NOW, to past experiences and outcomes. I saw how FEAR was preventing me from seeing things as they really are; preventing me from living FULLY in the present.

It was a huge AHA moment!

I hope each of you had an AHA moment of your own today 🙂

I’ve heard from a lot of people, all with incredible stories and great new insights into themselves; after the first day of the challenge. Wow!

I am so blessed and grateful to each and every one of you! I’m happy we are in this together!

So…How was your Day 2?

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams 😴😴😴



Reflecting on Day 1…


Day 1 – The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

Well, I made it through day one. I was surprised at how many times I found myself doing the very thing I had written about.

I WAS actively paying attention to my thoughts and words; conscience awareness.

It was crazy how many times, as my mind wandered, I caught myself picking on ME. I immediately forgave ME and that made me SMILE! My cheeks hurt from so many smiles by afternoon 🙂 What an awesome side effect of SELF LOVE and FORGIVENESS!

Did YOU smile and forgive YOU today?

I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with an amazing friend that has also accepted The Challenge. It was incredible how THAT kind of support, support from another ME, helped throughout the day. I am blessed and grateful!

The truth is, change is a never ending cycle; and personal growth is CHANGE.

I’m jazzed at the possibilities of Day 2 🙂

Now it’s your turn – How was YOUR Day 1?

With love and gratitude,



Only 12 Hours until…

Only 12 hours till The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge begins… ✌

Everyone – please help get the word out TODAY! Re-blog to all your followers, invite all your followers to join the Facebook Event: The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge; write a blog; tell YOUR story and why YOU are taking this challenge.

As a community we must draw on each other, now more than ever, for love and support to make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE.

I’m so excited today! Thank you ALL. I am humbled and grateful 💜

Namasté Matthew

The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

30 day personal growth challenge copy

The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge

I recently proposed a 30 day challenge to my best friend.

The Challenge?

Go 30 days without making a self-deprecating remark or having negative self-talk in thought. Simple, right?


“That shirt looks great on you!”

(oh, this old thing)

“You have an amazing smile!”

(my teeth are crooked)

(my teeth aren’t white enough)

“You are beautiful!”

(I hate my hair)

(my nose is too big)

(my hate my wrinkles)

(I’m fat and need to lose weight)

(I’m too short)

(I’m ugly)

(I’m…I think you get the point)

So why even propose a challenge that is IMPOSSIBLE?

Just because…

Just because it’s different; just because I want YOU to try something new; just because you can; just because it’s a game for fun; JUST BECAUSE it’s a CHALLENGE!

Just because…when you begin to pay attention to your thoughts and words, you begin to notice and become AWARE of how you talk and think to YOU! Conscious Awareness is the first step to freedom.

So, are YOU brave enough to accept The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge?

The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge in Action

  1. Start Actively Paying Attention to Your Thoughts and Wordsdont tolerate disrespect

What do you “think” when you look at your naked body in a full length mirror? If you “think/see” anything other than what an incredible, amazing, perfect, being of light and love YOU really are; look again.

Look past the freckles, moles, scars, pimples, wrinkles, age spots, sags and flab; look past your body…look into your eyes. Get closer to the mirror and really look. The entire Cosmos dwells there. Breathe deeply and forgive YOU.

  1. Take a Shower/Bath


Examine your body, really look at it. Realize that your body is not YOU; It is the SOUL’S very own ‘physical’ vehicle on EARTH; on call 24/7, just for you.

As you wash your body, be in the moment. Breathe deeply and fully. Examine and forgive the things you see in YOURSELF as ‘imperfect’.

Breathe deeply and fully and FORGIVE YOU!

Wash slowly; forgive, accept, love, and be grateful for every part of you. This body allows SOUL (you) to experience LIFE in physical reality.

For each perceived imperfection you find, smile, forgive, and accept it as it is…breathe deeply and fully.

  1. What Did You Say to Me?

you look great today copy

I said to my best friend, “You look great today!” to which he replied “ugggg…I’m fat”.

STOP! Listen to yourself…be AWARE of your automatic dialogue…hear the words…see them…feel them.

Now let me ask you ask you a question. Would you say that to ME? Your mother; father; child; partner; a stranger; or anyone one you LOVE?

NO! Right? No you wouldn’t…but you just DID.

I asked him “why did you just call ME fat?” Startled, he quickly answered “I didn’t”; (yes you did). What you say about YOU, you say about ME as well; WE are ONE.

At the moment you become aware of your automatic responses to people and things, you get a choice. The choice? Love and forgiveness ~ for YOURSELF.

In practice, when you begin to forgive YOU, when you think or say ‘something’ negative about YOU…those ‘somethings’ begin to lose their power. Those ‘somethings’ need YOU to exist. YOU don’t need them…

  1. Conscious Awareness


This challenge is not for the timid. You must want it. You must want to change and grow and become more.

Practice accepting compliments with a genuine smile, eye contact, and a ‘Thank You’.

Practice accepting criticism as a tool for self-reflection. See criticism for what it is, someone else’s or your own fears, manifesting in reality.

When you slip and think or say something negative about YOU (and it will happen OFTEN at first), stop and take a deep breath. If you get upset, angry, feel guilt or shame; you feed the ‘something’ and keep it alive. It needs you, you don’t need it. Instead forgive YOU and SMILE and be Proud of  yourself in knowing you just became Consciously Aware of your ‘automatic’ thinking brain. In that MOMENT you can choose to change your words or thoughts into ‘something’ positive about YOU. That’s personal growth.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Lucid Dreams

With patience, practice, and attention, you will find that the power of the ‘somethings’ fade away a bit more each time you are AWARE and FORGIVE yourself when you react automatically…and always SMILE and be proud of yourself for seeing a ‘something’ for what it really is. Practice makes perfect!

So…I dare you, no, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU, to The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge.

Earlier, I said that this challenge ‘IS NOT POSSIBLE’. I will now amend that statement: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE; with patience, practice, and attention.


The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge Summary*:
  • Start actively paying attention to your thoughts and words
  • Examine and forgive the things you see in YOURSELF as ‘imperfect’
  • Become aware of your automatic responses to people and things
  • When you slip, forgive YOU and SMILE and be Proud of yourself in knowing you just became Consciously Aware of the automatic thinking brain
  • Practice makes perfect!
*Quick reference summary card – Clip and carry


The challenge begins September 1st, 2015. Accept the challenge, but more than that, extend the challenge to everyone you love and appreciate in your life. Share the LOVE. An added benefit to challenging a friend or loved one: It creates a support system for both of you!

Let’s make this go viral. Re-post the challenge, blog about it, Tweet it, Facebook about it. LET’S BRING THIS CHALLENGE TO LIFE!

21 days makes a habit…30 days will change your LIFE.

Follow me on Facebook ( and on WordPress ( for daily updates starting September 1st.

I’ve also created an event on Facebook –  The 30 Day Personal Growth Challenge ( Join/accept the event if you are ready to accept MY CHALLENGE TO YOU!

Now, go make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE!

Unity Stone Logo

Namaste’ Matthew



When I was a kid I was my own Superhero – I was invincible; until THEY told me I wasn’t.

It took a long time for me to realize that THEY were WRONG.

It’s time for me to be my OWN Superhero again…

How about YOU?

Namasté Matthew
Photo credit: unknown

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 55



“Whoever is filled with Virtue is like a new-born child.

Wasps and scorpions will not sting it; snakes and serpents will not bite it; wild animals will not attack it; birds of prey will not swoop down on it.

Its bones are soft, its muscles weak, and yet its grip is firm.

It does not know of male and female union and yet its organ stirs; its vital energy is at its height.

It cries throughout the day and yet is never hoarse; its harmony is at its height.

To know harmony is to know the eternal.

To know the eternal is to know enlightenment.

To speed the growth of life is an omen of disaster; to control the breath by will-power is to overstrain it; to grow too much is to decay.

All this is against the Dao and whatever is against the Dao soon dies.”

– Translated by Tom Chilcott, 2005, Chapter 55

Photo by Rose McEntire 2015